Industrial Facility type inspections involve high risk activities, reduce those risks with Aerostar’s UAV Technology

Aerostar provides results that dramatically reduce risk to personnel and deliver significant cost savings.  We are approved by Transport Canada to provide UAV Inspections in all regions of Canada which include Pacific, Prairie-North, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic.

Professional, Experienced and Trusted

It has been proven that when companies replace traditional methods of performing certain Inspections with UAV/Drone Technology they experience a dramatic reduction in risk to personnel and a significant reduction in costs.

We bring over 50 years of combined experience in many facets of the Energy Industry and over 12 years of UAV experience. The data and information captured by our Aerial Inspections is analyzed and provided in a comprehensive report that adds immediate value to our customers.

Aerostar Drone Solutions has been licensed by Transport Canada to provide UAV Services in every region of Canada.