Take a look at our portfolio of past projects to see how our UAV Technology has helped our customers.

Flare Stack Inspection Project

Our company was asked by a Major Producer in North Eastern British Columbia to inspect all of their Flare Stacks. We inspected for cracks, carbon build-up and other deficiencies. The project came in under budget an on schedule after inspecting over 71 Flare Stacks and Incinerator Towers.

Pipeline ROW Inspections

Here we are inspecting over 30 km of pipeline ROW’s. The customer asked us to perform Thermal/IR Scans for potential leaks. In addition, the customer requested an NDVI Analysis for these ROW’s to look for dead or dying vegetation. To accomplish this we had to create 2D Orthomosaic Maps for every ROW. This was a great project for our company and gave us the opportunity to expand our capabilities using UAV’s.

CUI Inspection on a Tank

This project was a first for our company and most likely the first time CUI has been performed on a Tank using UAV’s in Canada. CUI stand for Corrosion Under Insulation. Recent data suggests that CUI accounts for up to 45% of corrosion related costs in North America. This project was a huge success and creates a cost effective solution for companies looking to identify areas where corrosion could impact their operations.

First Internal Tank Inspection

This was our first internal tank inspection performed by our Elios UAV. We were able to complete this internal inspection in just a few hours and it saved our customer from having to spend money on scaffolding, air trailers, confined space rescue teams and mechanical isolation. In addition, they did not have to put any personnel at risk by performing a confined space entry!

Spill Mapping

Our customer for this project unfortunately had a spill and we were asked to provide a 2D Orthomosaic Map outlining the spill area. With this type of map we were able to accurately calculate the total area impacted and give them critical locations where they could experience further contamination once the snow melts.

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